Course Overview Mastering Digital Marketing

In this digital marketing certificate course, you’ll master skills about the dynamic landscape of the online digital world.

Digital Marketing Course Topics

Course Lesson 1:
Digital Marketing Basics

Starting with the fundamentals in Module 1, you’ll grasp the essence and significance of digital marketing, exploring its various channels.

1.1 What is Digital Marketing?

Learn the Overview and importance of Digital Marketing

1.2 Digital Marketing Channels

Take a Quick look at key Marketing channels

Course Lesson 2:
Building a Marketing Plan

in Course Module 2, you’ll craft a solid digital marketing plan, learning to set SMART digital goals, identify your target audience, and gain insights into your competitors.

2.1 Setting Marketing Goals

SMART Digital goals and aligning with business online

2.2 Knowing Your Audience Lesson

Identifying a target audience through marketing methods and information

2.3 Marketing Competitor Check

Learn about Using online online marketing tools to see what your competition is doing for their marketing plans.

2.4 Choosing Digital Marketing Channels

Ensuring you Pick the right digital platforms for marketing is key to business success

Course Lesson 3:
Website and SEO

Moving forward, Modules 3 and 4 of our Digital Marketing Course, delve into building a user-friendly website, mastering SEO essentials, navigating social media platforms for marketing, and creating engaging content to foster digital communities online

3.1 User-Friendly Digital Website

Study the Basics of website design for marketing and learn why digital speed is important

3.2 SEO Marketing Essentials

Learn more about Understanding search engines and the key they play for successful digital marketing through SEO

3.3 Marketing Keywords and Content

In this course topic understand a Simple keyword strategy to rank your website on Google or Bing

Course Lesson 4:
Social Media Marketing

4.1 Social Media Platforms for Marketing Content

View a Quick overview of Social Media platforms and how we can use them for marketing content for free

4.2 Creating Engaging Digital Content

Learn about the Basics of digital content creation to get ideas of what people want

4.3 Building Digital Communities

Go through Interacting on social media platforms in this topic and learn how to be more professional online

Course Lesson 5:
Email Marketing

You’ll uncover the power of email marketing in Module 5, from building effective email lists to automating campaigns.

5.1 Building Mass Marketing Email Lists

Learn about Strategies for growing lists for email marketing

5.2 Email Marketing Campaigns with Digital Tools

Creating effective campaigns to ensure marketing and digital content are growing

5.3 Automation Basics for Email Marketing

Go through Simple email automation techniques that will save you time in the digital landscape

Course Lesson 6:
Paid Advertising

As you progress, Course Modules 6 and 7 introduce you to the world of paid advertising and analytics, equipping you with the knowledge to leverage digital platforms like Google Ads and social media ads while making informed marketing decisions based on data.

6.1 Introduction to Google Ads

Get information about Basics of paid advertising like Google and learn more about how to pay to rank your website or products through advertising

6.2 Google Ads for Digital Marketers

Take a Quick guide through Google Ads and find more information on how to use AdWords for your marketing campaigns and create amazing digital adverts.

6.3 Social Media Ads for Digital Marketers

Study the Basics of social media advertising and learn how to pay to get your message across through paid ad impressions

Course Lesson 7:
Analytics for Beginners

7.1 Basics of Analytics to adjust marketing strategy

Introduction to tracking metrics and understanding that all actions on a website is tracked and how to use this data to make better marketing decisions

7.2 Using Analytics to understand Marketing Reports

Through the previous chapter you learned about Analytics now test Making marketing decisions based on data from these reports

Moreover, you’ll explore the legal and ethical aspects of digital marketing in Module 8, understanding data protection laws like GDPR and ethical marketing principles. Finally, Module 9 offers a glimpse into the latest trends shaping the digital marketing landscape.

8.1 Data Protection Laws for Digital Content Creators

One the most important laws in the digital world is GDPR, learn more about privacy laws on GDPR Policies in marketing

8.2 Ethical Digital Marketing

Ensure your content online is ethically and morally right, learn more about the Basic principles for digital content marketing.

Briefly go through the emerging trends in Digital Marketing and what you can do to pursue a career in this field.


Digital Marketing Skills

  • Strategic Market Planning
  • Audience Targeting for Digital Marketers
  • Online Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Channel Selection
  • Website Optimisation
  • SEO Mastery
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Marketing Community Engagement
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Paid Advertising Online

Digital Marketing Summary

By the end of this course, you’ll emerge with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies, armed with practical skills to excel in the ever-evolving online realm. Get ready to embark on this journey and unlock the secrets to digital marketing success!

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