You can help us spread the word about EduCourse’s free courses and certification. One of the ways is by putting up Educourse posters in your community and neighboring communities. These posters have been created to share with the public the benefits of studying with us and spreading the word of free education, and can be the gateway to changing many peoples lives in a positive manner across the world.

Below, you will find the  two versions of your EduCourse posters we have created, one in colour and one in black and white. We invite and encourage you to download them, and print as many posters as you wish, you can place and put up these posters around popular or impactful places in your community and beyond (e.g. in your workplace, local library, community centre, near a famous landmark – anywhere you think people could benefit from knowing about EduCourse’s free online learning platform).

We would love for you to take some photos of yourself with your posters at these locations and share them with us at

EduCourse poster

Colour version

EduCourse poster

Black&White version