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Module 1:
Introduction to PowerPoint

  • Discover how computers evolved in the First Lesson.

Module 2:
Slides In PowerPoint

  • This lesson will teach you about computer components and their functions.3.Securely switching your Computer on and off without loss of data

Module 3:
Applying Transitions

  • This guide will teach you how to securely turn on and off a computer.

Module 4:
Using Find and Replace in PowerPoint

  • You will learn how to operate computer hardware such as the keyboard, screen, and mouse in this section.

Module 5:
Printing Slides from PowerPoint

  • You will learn about many computer phrases and concepts in this section.

Module 6:
Presenting Your PowerPoint Slide Show

  • This section teaches how to play back and edit material saved on CDs and other devices.

Module 7:
Presentation Tools and Features

  • You will discover more about the fundamentals of working with digital documents

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1. Introduction to PowerPoint

Not Completed

2. Slides In PowerPoint

Not Completed

3. Applying Transitions

Not Completed

4. Using Find and Replace in PowerPoint

Not Completed

5. Printing Slides from PowerPoint

Not Completed

6. Presenting Your PowerPoint Slide Show

Not Completed

7. Ins and outs dealing with digital documents

Not Completed