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Wrapping Text and Merging Cells

If a cell contains more text than can be displayed, you can choose to wrap the text within the cell or merge the cell with empty, adjoining cells. Wrap text to make it display on multiple lines of the cell. Merge cells to combine adjoining cells into one larger cell.

To Wrap Text:

Select the cells with text you want to wrap.

Select the Wrap Text command on the Home tab.

The text in the selected cells will be wrapped in your worksheet.

If you change your mind, re-click the Wrap Text command to unwrap the text.

To Merge Cells Using The Merge & Center Command:

Select the cells you want to merge together.

Select the Merge & Center command on the Home tab.

The selected cells will be merged and the text will be centered.

If you change your mind, re-click the Merge & Center command to unmerge the cells.