1.1 Small Business Funding in South Africa

Whilst there are a number of administrative tasks and minor costs associated with forming small business start-ups in South Africa, such as registering the company formation documentation with CIPRO located in Pretoria and registering for TAX with SARS once these formalities are out of the way, entrepreneurs looking for funding for their small business start-ups have a variety of options that they can consider.

Financing small business start-ups in South Africa can be done in various ways, from finding the enterprise with your own money, to borrowing funds from friends and family. However in many cases entrepreneurs looking to create a small business start-up may need to look for outside funding assistance from South African private investors or venture capital firms.

South African investors looking to fund small business start-ups will be looking for new businesses that can present a professional business plan and has figures and statistics that can show that the business can provide long-term success. Whilst some investors in South Africa may fund your business start-up for a simple financial return on their investment by a set date, others may require an equity stake in that business. Entrepreneurs looking for funding for their small business start-ups will therefore need to decide which type of private investor that they will want to work with. Not all entrepreneurs are comfortable with giving up a stake in their business, whilst many investors are likely to insist on it.

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