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Names for different sizes of Data


Bit uses binary “0” or “1” digits interpreted by a computer. It is like the Morse code dots and dashes on a screen. It is called machine language. 


In computer science a byte is an information storage measurement unit that can be employed to represent letters and numbers equal to ‘8 bits. The number 00000001 is 8 bits long, for instance, and represent letter A


A kB is a data unit which is equivalent to 1024 bytes. This is because it is not possible to add 8 bytes to 1000. 


Megabyte, 1024kb square, 10242 squares, 1024kb


A gigabyte is a data storage unit worth a billion bytes, which is exactly 1 billion bytes (10243) or around 1.07 billion bytes.


A terabyte (derived from the prefix tera- and commonly abbreviated TB) is a data storage capacity measurement concept. A terabyte’s value is 10244 and is specified as approximately 1 trillion bytes, or 1024 gigabytes.


A petabyte is a unit equivalent to one quadrillion bytes (10245) of information or data storage. Microsoft holds a capacity of approximately 14 petabytes on 900 servers.


Measurements of data speed


1,000,000 bits per second (usually used to categorize download/upload rates on the internet) Bits are transferred, not bytes. 


1,000,000 per second kilobits or 1,000,000,000 per second bits.