Microsoft Word – Basics

How to Format Paragraphs

Increasing white space around lines and paragraphs enhances the readability of a document.

  • To set the line spacing, first choose the text. Click on the arrow on the Line and Paragraph Spacing button. Choose the line spacing you desire to employ.
  • To change the spacing around a paragraph, you first must select the paragraph. Then click on the arrow on the Line and Paragraph Spacing button > Line Spacing Options… From there type amount of spacing required before and after the paragraph. (Tip: Settings are adjusted in the dialog box).

For the title, it is wise to add a generous space to distinguish it from the rest of the document.

  • Lastly, the alignment of the title will be modified. Firstly, select the text, then click on either the Align Left, Centre Text, Align Right or Justify button on the ribbon. Due to our selection of a title, let us use Center Text.

For the title to stand out from the rest of the document these simple formatting effects must be employed.

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