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How To Filter Data

The software hides all the unnecessary information the user does not need by filtering the data. In the table, data is invisible. Data cab be restored at any moment.

In Excel there are 2 filters:

  • AutoFilter
  • filter on the chosen range.

AutoFilter gives the user the possibility to select from a pre-filtering set.

  • On the «DATA» tab, click the button «Filter».
  • Down arrows appear after the table header has been pressed. They signify the “AutoFilter” inclusion.
  • To pick a filter configuration, click on the desired column path. The entire content of the field appears in the drop-down list. Reset the birds in front of them if you want to mask those elements.
  • Click ‘’OK’’. In this example, customers who have concluded contracts in the past and current year are hidden.
  • To prepare a condition to filter the field type «Greater Than», «Less Than», «Equals», etc. values, select the command «Number Filters» in the filter set.
  • If we want to see clients who have signed a contract for 3 years or more in a client table, enter the required values in the AutoFilter menu.


Let’s experiment with the values that the selected cells filter. For instance, we only need to leave the table with those companies operating in Belarus.

  • Select the data that should remain prominent in the database. In our situation, we find the column country – “РБ “. We click on the cell with right-click.
  • Conduct a sequence command: «Filter»–«Filter by Selected Cell’s Value». Done.

If the database contains financial details, an amount can be found using various parameters:

  • the number of (data summary);
  • count (count the number of numerical data in cells);
  • average (mean arithmetic count);
  • in the selected range, maximum and minimum values;
  • product (the outcome of data multiplication);
  • standard deviation and the variance of samples.

Employ the financial information in the database:

  • Then the menu will open parameters where we must select the options and sort values «Contact Manager».
  • Choose the database range. Go to the tab «DATA» – «Subtotal».
  • In the dialog box choose the calculation setting.

The tools on the «DATA» tab allows segmentation of the DB. Sort data in terms of importance to business objectives. Isolation in purchasers of classes of products helps facilitate the product’s marketing.