How To Create Data Base In Excel: Step By Step Instructions

Step by step, in Excel, to construct a database. Forming a customer database is our challenge. The company has had hundreds of loyal customers for many years. Contract terms, areas of collaboration and awareness of relations, data communications, etc should be tracked.

How to build an Excel Customer Database:

  • Type the name of the database field (column headings).
  • Insert data into the database. Keeping order in the format of the cells is important. If it is a numerical format so it should be the same numerical format throughout the entire column. Data is inserted in the same manner as in a simple table. If the data in a certain cell is the sum on the values of other cells, create a formula.
  • To utilise the database turn to tools «DATA».
  • Put the name of the database. Choose the range of data – from the first to the last cell. Right click – the name of the band. We give any name. Example – DB. Check that the range was correct.

The key work is performed by inserting details into the DB. It is important to pick out the necessary data, filter and sort the data for easy use of this information.

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