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How To Create A Database In Excel For Customers With Examples And Templates

In order to produce reports for subsequent editing, many users actively use Excel. Reports are used during work with the software for simple viewing of information and full control over data management.

The interface of the program’s workspace is the table. In the columns and rows, a relational database structures the details. Even though the standard of MS Office kit has a stand-alone database creation and maintenance program called Microsoft Access, users actively use Microsoft Excel for the same purpose. It helps you to: sort; format; filter; edit; arrange and layout the information after all program functions.

In order to deal with databases, that is all you need. The only caveat: Excel is a flexible analytical method that is more suitable for complicated measurements, calculations, sorting, and even organised data storage, albeit in limited quantities (not more than one million records in the same table, version 2010).

Structure Of A Database – Excel Table

Database – a database distributed in columns and rows that make it easy to browse, organise and edit. How to create an excel database?

The records and fields contain all the information in the database:

  • Record is database (DB) line, containing one object information.
  • Field is the column in the database containing information about all items of the same kind.
  • Records and database fields conform to the regular Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Creating a database will not be difficult if you know how to create a simple table.