General Office Procedures – Part 2

Responding to Customers

Many organisations, whether they are customers, teachers, corporations or even other workers, appeal to a form of customer. No matter the form, it is an essential job to provide professional customer service. Administrative staff members connect over the internet, via email and in person with clients or customers. Business can create processes that administrative employees have with clients for these interactions. Such procedures may include unique greetings or phrases to be used, anticipated behaviours, timeliness of answers, and standard responses to popular questions.

Ordering Supplies

Since employees at corporations and organisations require essential supplies to conduct duties, purchasing these things is often the responsibility of an administrative staff member. Because the use of financial resources is involved in purchasing products, members of the organisation should understand the guidelines on what suppliers to use, payment forms and who approves purchases. Organisations can also set guidelines to manage inventory and decide when it is appropriate to make purchases. Awareness of these processes enables members of the administrative staff to carry out these duties and ensure that colleagues have the resources and supplies necessary for their work.

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