General Office Procedures – Part 1

Every organisation or corporation has a specific way of doing business. In order to facilitate continuity, efficiency and good customer service, productive organisations typically set rules and procedures. While members of the administrative staff rely heavily on these proven processes, other staff often profit from knowing how this work. The procedures of the General Office consist of fundamental operational tasks, such as answering calls, sorting mail, replying to customers and ordering supplies.

Answering Phones

A phone call is mostly the first experience of a business by a customer, so it is important for staff to respond with a professional greeting, express a positive tone, and be able to answer common questions. Business telephone networks may be as basic as single incoming line or a complicated configuration of multiline. Employees should comprehend and translate how the telephones operate, including how to forward calls, put callers on hold, check voicemail, and turn between lines. Management may define procedures for which such calls, timelines to respond to telephones requests, and other circumstances encountered during a typical workday should be approved.

Sorting Mail

Receiving and delivering mail is a basic business activity performed by organisation’s administrative staff. Mail procedures can include who receives specific products, how to manage junk mail or unsolicited bits, and delivery times. In larger organisations, management can also develop protocols for sending mail, including the payment of postage, specific letterheads or envelopes to be utilised in intra-office mail. Administrative members must understand how these procedures operate so that they can conduct duties in timely manner, ensuring that required documentation are obtained by other staff.

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