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Microsoft Word – Basics

Edit Text

The point of insertion is the flashing vertical marker known as (cursor) that depicts where the text you type will appear. The insertion point can be moved via arrow keys nor you can click where you want it to be placed.

In case of a mouse pointer being placed in a place where you can text, it takes an I-shaped pointer known as an I-beam. The I-beam shape makes it easier for you to position it even between two tiny characters of text with precision.

When you want to insert new text, position the insertion point precisely where you want to start typing and type your new text.

In terms of removing text, you can employ any of these methods:

  • Backspace it: On the text you want to delete just position the insertion point and hit Backspace key to delete text to the left of the insertion point.
  • Delete it: Choose the text and then hit Delete key, alternatively position the insertion point and then press the Delete key to remove the unwanted text to the right of the insertion point.
  • Type over it: Choose the text you want to delete and commence typing it will automatically replace it.


In Word moving the insertion point past the end of the document is not allowed, therefore if you want the insertion point in the center of the document, you will for example have to press Enter to create extra blank paragraphs until it reaches where you want. The convenient way to do this is to double click where you want your insertion point to be. If it’s the end of a document, the insertion point will move there, and the end of the document moves down past the new location.