Changing the Ribbon Display Options

The Ribbon is designed to reply to your current activity, but if you feel like too much screen space is being utilised ineffectively, you can choose to reduce it. To access the drop-down menu, press the Ribbon Display Options arrow in the upper-right corner of the ribbon.

Ribbon Display Options menu consists of three modes:

  • Auto-hide Ribbon: In full-screen mode, Auto-hide shows your workbook and covers ribbon entirely. Click the Extend Ribbon command at the top of the screen to view the ribbon.
  • Show Tabs: When not in use, this option hides all command groups, but the tabs will remain visible. Simply click on a tab to reveal the ribbon.
  • Show Tabs and Commands: The ribbon maximizes this choice. Both commands and tabs will be available. When you first open Excel, this choice is selected by default.

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