9.2 Guide to distributing mails

Organizing the Mail

Sorting letters entails arranging letters in a specific order. The letters are categorized according to their nature, destination, or contents. Sorting letters can be done either before or after they have been opened. Private and confidential letters are isolated from conventional letters this is done before they are opened.

Opening the Letters

Letters are opened by the Receptionist in businesses.   The envelopes removed from the letters should be retained until the date of receipt is documented. When letters are marked private, they are opened by the person who is responsible for them.

Examining the Contents

The contents of the letters are removed from the envelopes and examined after they have been opened. The goal of inspection is to figure out which department the letter belongs to. Any contents enclosures should be double-checked and noted.

Stamping the Letters

The date stamping of the letter is done after it has been thoroughly examined. The date and time of receipt are sometimes stamped on the letter. A stamp is made for stamping letters that contains the serial number, the date of receipt, and, if necessary, the time of receipt. If the letters are related to a number of departments, a reference stamp is applied.

Mail Recording

Letters received are documented in an inward mail register or letters received book after they have been stamped. Before letters are entered into the register, they are thoroughly examined to ensure that they belong to the correct department. The serial number, date of receipt, sender’s name and address, kind of contents, brief subject of the letter, remarks, and the officer’s initials with date are all recorded in the inward mail register.

Distributing Mail

The internal mailing routine comes to a close with this step. At this point, letters are delivered to the appropriate department. The letters are dispersed by messengers or, in some cases, mechanical systems such as conveyor belts or pneumatic tubes.

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