9.2 Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations

Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety as an Office Administrator:

Stay Informed:

  • Stay updated on OHS regulations relevant to office environments.
  • Provide regular OHS training to ensure awareness.

Hazard Management:

  • Conduct regular office assessments to identify and address hazards.
  • Focus on ergonomic adjustments and workspace organization.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Develop and communicate clear emergency procedures.
  • Conduct periodic drills to reinforce emergency response.


  • Clearly communicate OHS policies and procedures to all staff.
  • Encourage open communication for reporting concerns.

Inspections and Records:

  • Conduct routine office inspections to identify and address risks.
  • Keep accurate records of safety training and emergency drills.

Collaborate with Facilities:

  • Work closely with facilities management to address safety concerns.
  • Ensure building systems contribute to a safe workspace.

Stay Updated:

  • Stay informed about any changes in OHS regulations.
  • Adapt office policies and procedures accordingly.

By focusing on these key points, an office administrator ensures a safe and compliant work environment, fostering a positive workplace culture and supporting employee well-being.

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