8.2 Dealing with customer requests and feedback

Being a great cleaner involves dealing with customer requests and feedback effectively. Here’s how you can do it in simple steps:

Listening and Smiling: Always listen carefully when customers ask for something or share their thoughts. Keep a friendly smile to show you care about making them happy.

Stay Positive: Approach every customer with a positive attitude. Be excited to help them and fix any issues they might have.

Understand and Fix: If a customer has a problem, make sure you understand it. Then, do your best to fix it quickly. Show them you’re on their side.

Talk Clearly: Use simple words to explain what you’re doing. Keep customers in the loop, so they know what’s happening.

Act Fast: If a customer needs something extra, try to do it right away. Acting fast shows you care about their needs.

Say Thanks: When customers give feedback, say thank you. Whether it’s good or not so good, let them know you appreciate their thoughts.

Solve Problems Together: Work with customers to solve any issues. Make them feel part of the solution, not just someone with a problem.

Ask Questions: If you’re not sure about what a customer wants, ask questions. It’s okay to get more information to do your job better.

Keep Customers Updated: Tell customers what’s happening with their requests. Keeping them in the loop makes them feel important.

Say Sorry if Needed: If something goes wrong, say sorry. Taking responsibility and fixing mistakes is important.

Remember Preferences: Keep a note of what customers like. If they have specific requests, try to remember them for next time.

Learn from Feedback: Use feedback to get better at your job. It’s like a guide to improving and making customers even happier.

Show Respect: Always be respectful and polite. Treat customers how you’d like to be treated.

Say Thank You Again: At the end, thank customers for choosing your service. A simple thank-you goes a long way.

By following these simple steps, you can make sure your customers are happy, and your cleaning service shines!

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