7.1 Sorting and disposal of waste

Sorting and Disposing of Waste: A Cleaner’s Guide

As a cleaner, you play a crucial role in keeping spaces tidy. Follow these simple steps for sorting and disposing of waste:

  1. Sort at the Source:
    • Encourage people to separate waste into bins for recycling, non-recyclables, and organic waste. Use clear labels to help them know where each type goes.

  2. Recycling Bins:
    • Set up recycling stations with separate bins for paper, plastic, glass, and metal. Make sure folks know what items can go in each bin.

  3. Use Signs:
    • Put up signs near the bins to show how to sort waste. Use pictures to make it easy for everyone to understand.

  4. Put Bins in the Right Places:
    • Put bins where people can easily reach them. This helps everyone dispose of their waste in the right place.

  5. Regular Collection:
    • Make sure waste gets collected regularly to avoid overflowing bins. Keeping things clean and collected is part of your job.

  6. Handle Hazardous Waste Carefully:
    • If there’s hazardous waste like chemicals, be sure to handle it safely. Follow guidelines to dispose of these materials properly.

  7. Deal with Organic Waste:
    • Set up a way to handle organic waste like food scraps. You might consider composting to help the environment.

  8. Reduce Single-Use Items:
    • Encourage people to use less disposable stuff. Reusable items are a good way to cut down on waste.

  9. Squish Recyclables:
    • Before throwing away recyclables, flatten or squish them. This makes more room in the bins.

  10. Check and Adjust:
    • Keep an eye on how things are going. If something’s not working, see if you can make it better.

  11. Safe Medical Waste Handling:
    • If there’s medical waste, be careful with it. Follow rules to make sure it doesn’t cause problems.

  12. Shred Important Papers:
    • If there are papers with personal info, use a shredder. This helps keep information private.

  13. Keep Learning:
    • Teach everyone how to manage waste better. Let them know why it’s important.

  14. Follow the Rules:
    • Know and follow the rules for waste where you are. It keeps everything legal and safe.

By following these steps, you’re making sure that waste is sorted right and disposed of properly. It’s a big part of keeping spaces clean and doing your job well.

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