6.2 Why is it essential to answer the phone in a professional manner?

Even in this digital age, the telephone remains the major mode of communication for many businesses, schools, and other organizations. A consumer or client’s first impression of an organization is frequently formed by the manner in which the receptionist answers the phone.

If the receptionist answers the phone professionally, the caller may be more inclined to do business with your organization. In addition, they may feel welcome to ask questions, find solutions, and provide their loyalty to your organization. Therefore, it is imperative that the receptionist has sufficient training in professional phone answering procedures and etiquette. By answering the phone appropriately, you demonstrate respect for the caller and interest in what they have to say.

How to answer the phone with poise

Numerous things contribute to the success of a professional phone conversation. While the customer service strategies you use during a call may vary based on the organization you work for and the person you’re speaking with, answering the phone professionally is often a given.

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