6.1 How to check incoming calls

Here are four things receptionists can do to check incoming calls:

It must not be apparent

Ensure that it is not too apparent that all calls are being checked. The caller should be unaware that you are determining whether or not to connect him to the targeted party; merely affirm the caller’s wishes and continue the discussion as normally as possible.

Be patient and pleasant

When calls are being reviewed, proper phone etiquette will continue to apply. Because of this, you should be patient and pleasant. Calling the business and sounding angry, nasty, or intrusive will not create a positive impression.

Try to obtain as much information as possible.

You should obtain as much information as possible from the caller; this will allow you to determine whether or not to transfer the caller to the appropriate department, your supervisor, or to take a message. Ensure that you determine who the caller is and what they require.

Be a good judge

Ensure that you utilize your best judgment. In order to efficiently screen incoming calls, your human intuition will be one of the most useful tools at your disposal. The easiest approach to assess whether you should let the caller through or not, hear a message, or end the call is to rely on your intuition.

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