4.3 Reading and interpreting product labels

Reading and Understanding Cleaning Product Labels

When you’re using cleaning products, it’s important to know how to read the labels. Here’s a simple guide to help you understand what the labels mean:

  1. Product Name:
    • Find the name of the cleaning product on the label.

  2. Usage Instructions:
    • Read how to use the product. It tells you how much to use and the right way to apply it.

  3. Safety Precautions:
    • Look for any warnings or safety tips. This section helps you stay safe while using the product.

  4. First Aid Measures:
    • Check what to do in case the product touches your skin, eyes, or if you accidentally swallow it.

  5. Ingredients:
    • See what the product is made of. This is helpful if you have allergies.

  6. Storage Instructions:
    • Learn how to store the product. Some need to be kept in a cool place.

  7. Disposal Guidelines:
    • Find out how to throw away the product properly. This helps protect the environment.

  8. Environmental Information:
    • Look for details on how the product affects the environment.

  9. Batch Number and Expiry Date:
    • Find the batch number and expiry date to make sure the product is still good to use.

  10. Manufacturer Information:
    • See who made the product and how to contact them if you have questions.

  11. Symbols and Icons:
    • Pay attention to pictures or symbols. They might show if the product is hazardous or eco-friendly.

  12. Dilution Ratios:
    • If the product needs to be mixed with water, check for instructions on how much to mix.

  13. Compatibility Information:
    • See if the product can be used with other cleaning products.

  14. pH Level:
    • Some labels show the pH level, which tells you if the product is more acidic or alkaline.

Understanding these details on the label helps you use cleaning products safely and effectively. Always follow the instructions to get the best results and stay safe.

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