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4.3.1 Create an Executive Summary First

A strong executive summary is one of your plan’s most crucial components, and you should create it last.

The purpose of the executive summary is to summarize the entire document into a concise overview that will entice time-crunched readers (such as potential funders and lenders) to continue reading.

Again, since this is a summary, be sure to draw attention to the crucial concepts you learned when creating your approach. If you’re writing for your own planning purposes, you may choose to completely omit the summary, although you might want to give it a go just for practice.

The length of an executive summary should not exceed one page. Fitting in all of the pertinent information may be a little difficult due to space constraints, but it is not impossible. Your business strategy’s executive summary must include the following:

  • Business idea. What does your business do?
  • Business vision and objectives. What goals does your company have?
  • Product distinction and description. Why is the product you sell unique?
  • Market segment. You sell to whom?
  • Marketing approach. How do you intend to connect with your audience?
  • Current position of finances. How much money do you now make?
  • Estimated financial situation. What revenue projections do you have?
  • The ask. What amount of money are you requesting?
  • The team. Who is a part of the company?