4.1 Purpose and Benefits of Business Strategy

The purpose of a business strategy

Business plans are frequently related to obtaining financing since lenders use them to assess a company’s viability before investing in it. But even if you don’t require finance, there are still a number of compelling reasons to think about creating a business plan.

Plan strategically

Writing down your strategy is a highly helpful activity for crystallizing your ideas, as well as assisting you in understanding the scope of your business and the amount of time, money, and resources you’ll need to get started.

Evaluating concepts

If you have many ideas in mind, creating a basic business plan for each will assist you in concentrating your time and efforts on the projects that have the best potential of succeeding.


In order to construct a business plan, you must do market and competitive research—knowledge that will guide your strategic decision-making.


Your business plan is one of the simplest ways to describe your purpose to potential new employees and may help to increase their trust in the endeavor, especially if you’re in the early stages of expansion.


If you intend to approach other businesses for collaboration, it will be much easier for them to determine whether your business is a good fit for theirs if you have a clear understanding of your vision, your target market, and your business strategy—especially if they are further along in their growth trajectory than you are.


There are several business plan competitions that provide mentorships, awards, or funding in the form of investments. Try Googling “business plan competition + [your location]” and “business plan competition + [your industry]” to find relevant competitions in your field.

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