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3.1 Reasons why individuals visit a business and their needs

Visitors are likely to come to the office for a variety of reasons. The company will be responsible for making visitors feel welcome, ensuring that their needs are satisfied, and providing them with high-quality information and services relating to their visit.

The following is a list of the various reasons why a visitor comes to the business:

  • For more information on services and products.
  • Marketing
  • Attending meetings, such as serious concern meetings, board/committee meetings, and corporate discussions, among others.
  • Collections and deliveries
  • Maintenance and repair

The following are some of the different ways that visitors’ needs can be met:

  • Keep the receptionist area neat and tidy at all times, as this reflects on the company.
  • In the welcome area, basic essentials such as seating, current newspapers/magazines, and drinking water should be supplied.
  • Prepare to answer any questions about the organization and, if possible, present information tools such as pamphlets and booklets.
  • Ascertain that the seating spaces comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.