2.2 Top 9 tips for greeting and welcoming guests

As the organization’s receptionist, you determine all visitors’ initial impressions. Listed in this topic are methods for ensuring a favorable first impression.

1. Be professional

You are one of the most precious assets of your company. As the receptionist, you are the gatekeeper, but you are also responsible for introducing guests to the office’s culture. A professional and competent demeanor will suggest that the visitors’ interactions with the organization will be remarkable.

2. Greet visitors with volume and clarity

Greeting guests with “Hello, how may I help you?” or “Good morning” in a clear and audible voice will be greatly appreciated.

3. Inquire of visitors with whom they have an appointment.

Ask the guest for the name of the individual they wish to see so that you can link them with that individual.

4. Request the visitor’s name and memorize its pronunciation

In this way, when you inform your colleague that they have a visitor, you will also ensure that they are aware of how to appropriately address their visitor, if the visitor has a name with a certain pronunciation.

5. Inform the guest

Once you have alerted your colleague that they have a visitor, inform the visitor that you have done so (“Mr. Strauss I will be with you shortly”).

6. Be sure to provide refreshments.

Your colleague may be delayed in seeing their guest; provide refreshments to the guest in the interim. Simple and modest gestures of kindness, such as bringing a cup of coffee or glass of water, will be a fantastic gesture for easing the frustration of a visitor who is currently waiting.

7. Be familiar with the office

As the receptionist, you will be asked basic questions regarding the office, such as the location of the restroom and office supplies. Ensure that you can simply guide guests throughout your office.

8. Be calm

As the receptionist, you’ll be in charge of everyone who enters the office, therefore it’s likely that you’ll find yourself in a difficult scenario on occasion: several guests at once; multiple phones ringing simultaneously; questions you may not be able to answer. Always remember to maintain composure; this is the key to offering effective support. Even if you require visitors and coworkers to wait for assistance, they will remain calm if you maintain a professional and upbeat demeanor. It is quite appropriate to ask visitors to allow you a few moments while you choose the most effective method to fulfill their needs.

9. Be more Diverse if possible

Although you are responsible for ensuring guests are welcomed into the office, you are not limited to this function. Any organization will profit from an employee’s willingness to assume additional responsibilities. This will not only be appreciated by your coworkers, but you will also be enhancing your value to the company.

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