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2.2 Bathing, Dressing, and Grooming in a Home Environment

Assisting with personal care in a home setting involves:


  • Ensure safe and comfortable bathing.
  • Respect privacy and assist with washing, rinsing, and drying.


  • Help choose and wear appropriate clothing.
  • Adapt support based on mobility challenges.


  • Assist with hair care, shaving, and nail care.
  • Ensure personal grooming aligns with individual preferences.

Skin and Oral Care:

  • Maintain healthy skin with moisturizers.
  • Assist with oral care, including brushing and dental check-ups.

Adaptive Equipment:

  • Introduce and assist with adaptive devices for self-care.

Privacy and Communication:

  • Respect privacy during personal care activities.
  • Observe for discomfort and communicate openly.
  • Balancing support and autonomy, caregivers foster comfort and well-being in the home environment.