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11.4 Create a detailed trip itinerary for your superior

While screenshots are a quick and easy way to ensure that your employer has offline access, you may go the extra mile by preparing a travel itinerary that includes details unique to your work trip. By taking their existing itinerary and adding important facts, you can alleviate a traveling executive of a tremendous amount of stress.

Step-by-step breakdown of every day’s events. Include additional information for any travel arrangements beyond departure hours in order to facilitate a more efficient process. Note the automobile rental confirmation numbers and contact information. Include airline phone numbers, the address of the terminal, confirmation numbers, flight numbers, seat reservations, and loyalty program membership numbers for flights. Include the specifics of any pre-booked automobile services along with the driver’s and company’s contact information.

There may be multiple hotels of the same well-known brand in major cities. Include the precise hotel’s address and contact information for the front desk, just in case, to ensure that your boss’s trip gets off to a nice start. Note the booking reference, any applicable loyalty program numbers, and the check-in and check-out times to simplify their stay as much as possible.

Add your boss’s meetings to this schedule and provide specifics that will prevent them from sifting through emails and other paperwork while rushing between engagements. In addition to the meeting’s time and venue, jot down the meeting’s purpose and attendees.

Find the LinkedIn profile images of the people they will be meeting with, so they are simpler to identify upon arrival, as well as the participants’ contact information and the meeting’s location, in case your employer needs to get in touch. Lastly, give the travel hours between their initial meeting and future meetings so they can keep this in mind as the day continues.

Highlight any times when your supervisor will be available. If they have an hour between appointments, provide recommendations for restaurants and coffee shops. For longer stretches, offer suggestions for nearby sights or the travel time back to their accommodation if they prefer to return for a break.

After completing the itinerary, save it as a PDF and email it to your employer and their spouse or authorized contact so that in the event of an emergency, their loved ones will know where they are. Print a few paper copies to ensure that the information is always accessible.