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10.1 When can ad-hoc duties be required

Special Occasions

Many logistical concerns will likely fall to you as the receptionist when your organization has a special meeting or conference. Maintaining registration lists, processing registration payments, and generating name tags are all possible responsibilities. You may also be requested to assist with details on the day of the event. Your ad hoc responsibilities could include everything from ensuring that the audio-visual equipment at the event is working properly to confirming lunch preferences.

Documents of Particular Interest

It’s possible that you’ll be responsible for writing reports and conducting correspondence as part of your employment. However, if you work for a non-profit organization, you may be requested to prepare customized documents such as a project-specific spreadsheet or a holiday message to benefactors. You may not be familiar with the formats of these documents, but you may discover examples of the most typical business documents and correspondence formats online to serve as examples.

Assistance Exceptional

The primary goal of a receptionist is to assist your organization with office tasks efficiently and effectively. Your colleagues may occasionally request special assistance with tasks or personal concerns. Duties may be assigned to include assisting with travel arrangements, responding to enquiries while your boss is away, and supporting your employer with software or other technology updates. These responsibilities are frequently not listed in a job description since they only occur in certain situations.