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1.2 Business Procedures

South Africa introduced BizPortal which is essentially a one stop shop for registering a business. In BizPortal an entrepreneur can reserve a company name, register a company, obtain a BBBEE certificate, create a domain name, open a business bank account, obtain a Company Tax Number from SARS, obtain a Company UIF number from the Department of Labour Unemployment Insurance Fund, and obtain a Company CF Number from the Department of Labour Compensation Fund. All of this is done in one place with a cost of just R125 for registering a company and R50 for reserving a company name (which is optional). This site takes the ease of doing business very seriously. No paperwork is involved at all!

Setting up a new company

This is regarded as only one procedure by the definition of the World Bank Methodology. Within the BizPortal there are workflows that guide you into registering the type of business that you want.