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1.1 Understanding the role of a general cleaner

1. What the Job is About:

Cleaning Stuff: General cleaners clean different things like floors, windows, and furniture. They make places look neat and tidy.

Different Places, Different Cleaning: Depending on where they work, cleaners might clean homes, offices, or big spaces with machines. Each place needs different cleaning.

2. Being Safe and Clean:

Know the Dangers: Cleaners need to know what things might be harmful, like some cleaning stuff. They should also wear things like gloves and masks to stay safe.

Protect Yourself: Using protective stuff (PPE) is important to make sure cleaners don’t get sick or hurt.

3. Doing the Job Well and on Time:

Get Stuff Done in Order: Cleaners learn how to decide which cleaning jobs are most important and do them first. This helps them finish everything on time.

Do the Job Right: Learning how to clean quickly and well is important to do a good job.

4. Being Nice to People:

Acting Like a Pro: Cleaners should be polite and act professionally when talking to people. This makes clients happy.

Listening and Talking: Good communication helps cleaners understand what clients want and update them on how things are going.

5. Dealing with Different Places:

Changing How You Clean: Cleaners need to know how to clean different places, like houses, offices, or big spaces with machines. Each place needs a different approach.

Fixing Problems: Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Cleaners learn how to solve problems, like tough stains or tricky cleaning situations.

6. Working Together:

Helping Each Other: In some jobs, cleaners work with a team. They need to talk and work together to get everything done.

7. Learning and Getting Better:

Keep Learning: Cleaners keep learning new ways to clean better. This helps them stay good at their job. By understanding these things, someone starting as a general cleaner can do their job well and keep places clean and safe.