We are currently recruiting Learners from across the  African continent to assist us in Sharing Courses to other Learners in their communities. We want to give the public a platform to receive more information about Desired Skills, Affordable Learning and Self-Empowerment.

What you can do as a volunteer;

  • Promote EduCourse’s free courses on Facebook groups, pages and your wall on a daily bases.
  • Build a following on Facebook for us by Posting and Sharing relevant Empowerment/EduCourse related stories and testimonies. 
  • Identify courses that your Facebook friends will find interesting and encourage them to complete these courses.

In return:

  • You will be recognised as an EduCourse Social Media Volunteer.
  • Add Social Media Volunteer position to your CV.
  • Be part of a community promoting free education locally, continentally and internationally. 

Interested in Joining EduCourse Facebook Army?

Please email info@wperrfixserver.com with a short description of  the steps you will take to share information about our free courses and how you would approach the role of Social Media Volunteer.