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TEFL Online Certificate Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction to TEFL
  1. Understanding TEFL
    • Definition and scope of TEFL
    • Global demand for English teachers
    • Differences and similarities
  3. Teaching Opportunities Abroad
    • Popular destinations for South African teachers
    • Cultural and linguistic challenges
Module 2: TEFL In The South African Context
  1. South African English
    • Varieties of English in South Africa
    • Influence of indigenous languages on English
  2. Cultural Awareness
    • South African cultural norms and how they may differ abroad
    • Promoting cultural sensitivity in the classroom
Module 3: TEFL Teaching Methodologies
  1. Teaching Approaches
    • Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
    • Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT)
    • Total Physical Response (TPR)
  2. Classroom Management
    • Techniques for managing diverse classrooms
    • Strategies for maintaining discipline and engagement
  3. Lesson Planning
    • Components of effective lesson plans
    • Adapting plans for different proficiency levels
Module 4: Language Skills
  1. Teaching Reading
    • Strategies for developing reading skills
    • Teaching reading comprehension
  2. Teaching Writing
    • Techniques for improving writing skills
    • Common writing errors and how to address them
  3. Teaching Listening
    • Effective listening activities
    • Improving students’ listening comprehension
  4. Teaching Speaking
    • Encouraging speaking in the classroom
    • Pronunciation and accent reduction
Module 5: Grammar and Vocabulary
  1. Teaching Grammar
    • Key grammatical concepts for ESL learners
    • Methods for teaching grammar inductively and deductively
  2. Teaching Vocabulary
    • Strategies for vocabulary acquisition
    • Integrating vocabulary into lessons
Module 6: TEFL Assessment and Evaluation
  1. Types of Assessment
    • Formative vs summative assessment
    • Designing tests and quizzes
  2. Providing Feedback
    • Constructive feedback techniques
    • Encouraging self and peer assessment
Module 7: Teaching Young Learners
  1. Developmental Stages
    • Understanding cognitive and linguistic development
  2. Classroom Activities
    • Engaging activities for young learners
    • Using games and songs in teaching
Module 8: Teaching Adults
  1. Adult Learning Principles
    • Characteristics of adult learners
    • Motivating adult students
  2. Business English
    • Tailoring lessons for business contexts
    • Common business English terms and phrases
Module 9: Using Technology for TEFL in the Classroom
  1. Digital Tools and Resources
    • Effective use of technology in language teaching
    • Online resources and applications
  2. Blended Learning
    • Combining online and offline teaching methods
    • Managing a blended classroom
Module 10: Preparing to Teach Abroad
  1. Job Search and Applications
    • Crafting a compelling TEFL CV
    • Interview tips and common questions
  2. Legal and Logistical Considerations
    • Visa requirements for popular destinations
    • Health insurance, accommodation, and other practicalities
  3. Cultural Adjustment
    • Adapting to a new culture and lifestyle
    • Coping with homesickness and culture shock
Module 11: Practical TEFL Teaching Experience
  1. Microteaching Sessions
    • Peer teaching practice
    • Feedback and improvement
  2. Observation and Reflection
    • Observing experienced teachers
    • Reflecting on teaching practices
Module 12: TEFL Professional Development
  1. Continuous Learning
    • Opportunities for further education and certification
  2. Joining Professional Networks
    • TEFL organizations and communities
    • Staying updated with the latest teaching trends