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Lindile Khumalo | Branch Bank Teller
“Recruiters were able to verify my course certificates
in minutes! I got the job from the bank! 🙏👜”

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Verifiable Certificates are Trusted MORE.

By having a verified certificate, you can provide instant access to your credentials and qualifications, making it easier for potential employers to assess your skills and experience. This can help increase the chances of your application being considered, as it shows that you take your education and career seriously.

Having a Verified Certificate with a QR code, SA ID Number, and Unique Verification Key is an important advantage for students when applying for jobs.

Employers and recruiters often receive a large number of applications, and having a verified certificate can help set you apart and demonstrate your commitment to your education and professional development.

Benefits of EduVerify

Having a verified certificate with a QR code, country ID number, and unique key can be a valuable asset for students when seeking employment. These features provide improved security, guaranteed authenticity, and increased convenience, making it easier for potential employers to assess your skills and experience.

Verified Credentials: Boosting Your Job Prospects

Get ahead in your job search with verified credentials.

  • Improved Certificate Security
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
  • Fast Verification
  • Increased Employer Replies
  • Enhance Trust in Skills
  • Increase Professional Reputation
  • Demonstrates Commitment to Learning u0026amp; Self-Development

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Get access to high-quality verified certificates and powerful learning tools to enhance your education and future opportunities.

Verifiable Credentials with QR Codes

Boost your job prospects with QR codes on your certificates. A simple scan provides employers with instant access to an online verification tool, confirming the authenticity of your credentials and demonstrating your qualifications with ease.

Instant Verification for Certificates

EduCourse Certificates include 2 Methods of Verification.
We have removed I.D Number Verification from our Certificates as some users were not comfortable adding their I.D.

Instant Verification with EduVerify Tool

Simplify the hiring process with our Certificate Verify Tool. Employers can quickly and accurately confirm the authenticity of a Verified Certificate and access the information they need to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications, all with just a few clicks.

Your Complete Academic Record at Your Fingertips

Stay on top of your academic progress with our convenient transcript access. Have your complete record of achievement at your fingertips, updated in real-time. Download or Print to add to your CV as proof of your achievements.

Secured Certificates

Gain credibility from Employers when applying for jobs. EduVerify Certificates can be Verified with one click or scan.


Certificates, Boost Your Career Opportunities

One-Click Certificate Verification

Included with all EduVerify Certificates

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