EduCourse uses advertising to support the free services we offer. What we make on advertising is directly impacted by the amount of traffic coming into our website, and one of the biggest drivers of traffic are links to us from other websites. If you are an owner of a website please consider whether you could place a link to the EduCourse website on your website.

Examples of Educourse Links:

Why your organisation should link to EduCourse and how we will add to your organisation:

Schools, Colleges and Universities should link to EduCourse as you can provide to your staff and students with free online learning resources.

Libraries should link to EduCourse to provide your visitors free access to free online courses – for their self-development so they can earn certificates.

Businesses should link to EduCourse as we can assist you with upskilling your employees and keep their organisations competitive.

Communities should link to EduCourse to upskill and provide free learning material to people to initiate better employment opportunities and  entrepreneurship. 

Government can link to us to show their support for free learning and for their own staff training and learning needs.

Whatever organisation you are in association with, and if you believe the 

EduCourse website can be linked to your organisations website – please email us we would appreciate all the support you can provide!