Microsoft Word – Basics

Understanding the Spellcheck tool

The spelling and grammar check is not always correct. Particularly with grammar, there are many errors Word will not notice. There are also times when the spelling and grammar check will say something’s an error when it’s actually not. This often happens with people’s names, which may not be in the dictionary.

If Word says something is an error, you can choose not to change it. Depending on whether it’s a spelling or grammar error, you can choose from several options:

For spelling “errors”

  • Ignore Once: This will skip the word without changing it.
  • Ignore All: This will skip the word without changing it, and it will also skip all other instances of this word in the document.
  • Add to Dictionary: This adds the word to the dictionary so it will never come up as an error. Make sure the word is spelled correctly before choosing this option.

For grammar “errors”

  • Ignore Once: This will skip the “error” without changing it.
  • Ignore Rule: This will skip this “error” and all other instances that relate to this grammar rule.
  • Next Sentence: This skips the sentence without changing it and leaves it marked as an error. This means it will still show up if you do another spelling and grammar check later on.