6. Receiving, Forwarding, and Screening Telephone Calls

Call screening is an essential company function. It makes it easier for the receptionist to identify clients, screen out any spam calls, and boosts efficiency overall.

What is Call screening?

This is the identification of all incoming calls. It enables you to discover the optimal response techniques for incoming calls.

Caller identification is a crucial component of the call screening procedure. This provides you with the caller’s name, phone number, and in certain instances, their location. Basic call screening allows the receptionist to reject, accept, pass to a colleague or different department, or put the call to voicemail.

As the receptionist at your company’s front desk, you will just need to be familiar with phone screening. Call screening can be a delicate art; you’ll need to ensure that only the appropriate callers are allowed through without blocking a crucial caller and without wasting the organization’s time.