5. Helping Maintain Workplace Security

Keeping the office safe for employees and volunteers is a crucial element of office management. The coming and departing of guests to the office is one of the most regular features of office life. Handling money and other valuables is likely to be a regular part of office work. Another area of concern is the security of the parking lots, walkways, and the perimeter around the office. In addition to the many basic office dangers, reception spaces feature a number of special health and safety hazards. The reception area is distinct in that it is a location where members of the public and clients can easily access an employer’s workplace, posing additional OHS dangers and problems. You play several roles as the initial point of contact for everybody who comes into contact with your company. You are the principal customer service agent, but your function as the gatekeeper is possibly even more crucial. You get to choose who gets in and who doesn’t. You’re the one in charge of keeping unwelcome people out, preventing deliveries from disappearing, and preventing critical information from “walking out the front door.”