3.3 Creating a favorable impression of oneself and the organization

Typically, a receptionist welcomes and greets visitors when entering an organization. Create a positive first impression by presenting yourself and the organization in a favorable light. Always adhere to the company’s dress code and present oneself in a neat manner. Smile, maintain eye contact, listen to their needs, maintain a pleasant attitude, and try your best to answer all of their questions. This is necessary since, as the receptionist, you will represent the company to all visitors. Consequently, your attitude and approach will represent the entire organization. Your behaviour and service will be reviewed, as will the organization.

The purpose of doing so:

  • It increases the visitor’s confidence.
  • Visitors will have a favourable opinion of the business.
  • It will contribute to the development of trust between the company and its customers and staff.
  • It will attract high-quality customers who will enhance the company’s business, consequently increasing the organization’s profits.