11.1 Communicate to build a successful experience

A positive travel experience is determined by a handful of crucial criteria.

Clarity: Having current knowledge of all travel plans and specifics

Support: The ability to request assistance at any time, whether for adjustments, cancellations, or anything else.

Time management: efficiently completing administrative responsibilities during a business trip

Personalization: Receiving the expected trip experience

Fun: Special or restorative times

They may state, “No matter what, I must be on time,” indicating that you should prepare backup arrangements if they are late. Or they may have some other modest task, such as “I must remember to get macarons for my daughter.”

Identify the non-negotiable priorities and (for longer visits) one or two personal items that will enhance the enjoyment of the stay for each trip. Remember that everyone is at their best when they are well-balanced, well-rested, and linked to their particular success motivator.

Discuss with your supervisor how the trip went and what you could do differently on your future trip. Build upon each experience and develop consistently.

When you are able to surpass the requirements of business travel by planning ahead, eliminating paperwork, decreasing stress, and enhancing enjoyment, you become an important asset. Or, to put it another way, a Travel Superhero!