Database Maintenance In Excel

To reduce complexity for the search of data in the database, we will order them. Tool «Sort» is suitable for this purpose.

  • Choose the range you want to work with. For the aim of our fictitious company the column «Date». Call the tool «Sort».
  • Then system offer extends to the selected range automatically. We are agreeing. If we sort the data from only one column and the rest is left in place, the information would be incorrect. The menu opens the parameters to pick the options and arrange the values.

The distributed data in the table abide by the term of the contract.

The manager now sees to whom the time is to extend the deal and for which businesses we are continuing the relation.

The database is rising to epic proportions throughout the activities of the organisation. It is getting tougher to find the relevant and useful information. To find unique numbers or messages, you can use: By hitting Ctrl + F or Shift + F5 on your keyboard simultaneously. «Find and Replace» search box appears.