Replacing the Cell Content

At times, you can find that in your workbook you have repeatedly made a mistake such as misspelling the name of someone or that you need to substitute a specific word or phrase for another. To make fast revisions, you can use Excel Find and Replace feature. We will use Find and Replace in our example to correct a list of department names.

  1. From the Home tab, click the Find and Select command, and from the drop-down menu select Replace.
  • The dialog box for Find and Replace will appear. In the Find what: field, type the text you want to find
  • In the Replace with field, type the text you want to replace it with and then click Find Next.
  • The cell containing content will be selected if the content is found.
  • In order tomake sure you want to replace it the text Review it first.
  • If you want to replace it, choose one of the replace optionsSelecting Replace will replace individual examples, while Replace All will replace every text throughout the workbook. We will choose this option in our example to save time.
  • A dialog box will appear, confirming the number of substitutions made. To proceed, click OK.
  • The chosen cell content will be replaced.
  • Click Close to exit the Find and Replace dialog box when you are done.

It is typically better to stop using Replace All because it does not give you the ability to miss something that you do not want to alter. If you are completely sure that it will not replace something you did not plan it to, you can only use the option.