The Personal Computer or PC

A personal computer (PC)

PC is an abbreviation for a Personal Computer, often referred to as a microcomputer. For its consumers, its physical characteristics and low cost are desirable and useful. Since the advent of electronic computers, the capabilities of a personal computer have significantly improved. By the late 1970s, individuals in academic or research institutions had the potential for prolonged durations of single person use of a computer system in interactive mode although these systems would still have been too costly for an individual to own. After around 1975, microprocessor was invented, a single chip with all the circuits that previously occupied large cabinets, resulted in the proliferation of personal computers. Early personal computers, usually referred to as microcomputers, were mostly sold in kit type of form and in small quantities and were mainly of interest to technicians and hobbyist. By the late 1970s, pre-assembled mass-market computers allowed computers to be used by a wider range of people, focusing more on software applications and less on development in processor hardware. Home computers were designed for household use in the 1970s and 1980s, providing some productivity to people, games programming, although much larger and more costly systems were intended for office use and small business utilisation.