2.3 Toileting and Incontinence Care at Home

Assisting with toileting and managing incontinence in a home setting involves providing sensitive and respectful support. Here’s a concise overview:

Assisting with Toileting:

  • Assist with safe transfers to and from the toilet.
  • Respect privacy during toileting activities.
  • Ensure the toileting area is well-equipped and accessible.

Incontinence Care (loss of voluntary body control):

  • Provide assistance with changing incontinence products.
  • Monitor and maintain continence routines.
  • Report changes in continence status promptly.

Privacy and Dignity:

  • Respect the individual’s privacy during toileting.
  • Foster an environment that maintains dignity.


  • Communicate openly about toileting needs and preferences.
  • Observe for signs of discomfort or changes in toileting patterns.

Balancing assistance with respect for privacy, caregivers play a crucial role in maintaining personal hygiene and dignity for individuals in need