2.4. RAM: Random Access Memory

RAM: Random Access Memory

RAM is a form of storage that allows for rapid read and write capability. RAM is volatile, meaning that it destroys all data when the power goes out.

The RAM maintains data available for processing by the CPU. RAM speed contributes important to the overall performance of a computer.

It immediately connects to a lengthy slot with contacts on both sides of the slot.

Like a CPU, it too has a clock speed. Consequently, it may also be overclocked to provide enhanced performance beyond the specified specification.

Several RAM units have a heat spreader. It aids in the dissipation of heat from the memory ICs, making them cool.

RAM has developed similarly to other elements. RAM utilized on motherboards is often DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM (Synchronized Dynamic Random Access Memory).

RAM Amount is usually expressed in powers of 2, therefore you will always encounter numbers such as 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.