2.2 Motherboard


A motherboard is the primary board that is physically attached to the computer chassis through screws. All the other cards and components connect directly to the motherboard, thus its name.

It is linked to the CPU, RAM, disks, power supply, and other components.

Its purpose is to unite all the parts so that they can communicate and function as a unit.

A quality motherboard provides several communication choices. Additionally, it has the fewest number of bottlenecks conceivable.

This enables all of the components to perform well and reach their greatest potential, as intended.

Clearly, as the physical footprint decreases, connectivity choices and functionality are restricted.

Motherboards are available in the following dimensions:

Pico-ITX3.9 inch x 2.9 inch | 100mm x 72mm
Nano-ITX4.7 inch x 4.7 inch | 120mm x 120mm
Mini-ITX6.7 inch x 6.7 inch | 170mm x 170mm
Micro-ATX9.6 inch x 9.6 inch | 244mm x 244mm
Standard-ATX12 inch x 9.6 inch | 305mm x 244mm
XL-ATXEVGA: 13.5 inch x 10.3 inch | 343mm x 262mm
Gigabyte: 13.58 inch x 10.31 inch | 345mm x 262mm
Micro-Star: 13.6 inch x 10.4 inch | 345mm x 264mm