2.1. The computer case

The computer case

This part holds the internal components that form the computer itself. Typically, it is meant to support the installation of a motherboard, cables, and hard drives. Some are so well-designed that it is simple to keep everything neat and attractive. Cases are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit various kinds components and consumer preferences. Elements of design can range from simple to sophisticated. You may get a grey casing with no lights or one with multi-coloured lighting to make it seem stunning. As with other things, the quality of cases varies. You may get them manufactured from inexpensive metals or high-quality materials with a strong design.

Guide of computer case dimensions (referred to as form factor):

  • Extremely compact form factor: Mini ITX motherboard support
  • Small form factor: mini ATX motherboard support.
  • Standard form factor: ATX motherboards are supported.
  • Supports larger form factors: ATX and XL-ATX motherboards.