3.3 How to shut down a computer that is “frozen”

How to shut down a computer that is “frozen”

If you are using a desktop or laptop running Microsoft Windows, the computer will likely operate smoothly. However, what should you do if your computer freezes or crashes? Although a frozen computer may indicate a major problem, there are actions you may do to try system recovery.

Numerous Windows crashes are triggered by unresponsive applications; often, waiting -2 minutes can enable the program to recover.

If, after waiting, your Windows computer remains locked up and unresponsive, the instructions below should help you restart it.

You should first attempt to close the application that caused the freeze. You may do this by using the Task Manager software that comes with Windows. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL simultaneously to launch the Task Manager. The Task Manager displays a list of all apps (now called processes) currently operating on your computer.

Inside the list of running apps, you should search for those that indicate “not responding.” If a program is labeled “not responding,” right-click on it in Task Manager and pick “end task” from the context menu. This should terminate the unresponsive application. Choose “end now” if a pop-up window prompts you to “end now” or “wait for the program to react.” You risk losing any open documents in this program.