MS-Excel-Basic Course

Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to storeorganize, and analyze information. While you may believe Excel is only used by certain people to process complicated data, anyone can learn how to take advantage of the program’s powerful features. Whether you’re keeping a budget, organizing a training log, or creating an invoice, Excel makes it easy to work with different types of data.

Below is the list of lessons you will learn while going through this course.

Getting to know Excel
In your first lesson you will get a basic understanding on what excel is, what you can use it for, how to save information on Excel and the fundamentals of Excel

Working with Cells
In this lesson you will gain knowledge on to work with Excel, by entering information—or content—intocells. Cells are the basic building blocks of a worksheet. You’ll need to learn the basics of cells and cell content to calculate, analyse, and organize data in Excel.

Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells
In this lesson, you will learn how to change row height and column width; insert and delete rows and columns; wrap text in a cell; and merge cells.

Formatting Cell
All cell content uses the same formatting by default, which can make it difficult to read a workbook with a lot of information. Basic formatting can customize the look and feel of your workbook, allowing you to draw attention to specific sections and making your content easier to view and understand. This is the information we will expand on in this lesson for you.

Understanding Number format in Excel
Number formats control how numbers are displayed in Excel. The key benefit of number formats is that they change how a number looks without changing any data. They are a great way to save time in Excel because they perform a huge amount of formatting automatically. As a bonus, they make worksheets look more consistent and professional

Using Find & Replace
In this lesson you will learn that you can easily search your workbook using the Find feature, which also allows you to modify content using the Replace feature.

Formulas and Functions
In this lesson you will understand what formulas and functions are in Microsoft Excel and what they are used for and how to perform them.

Most Used Functions
Here we will give you insights on what are the 10 most used functions in Microsoft Excel and how to use these functions.

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