TEFL Certificate Course

TEFL Certificcate Training Program

A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course is a training program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach English to non-native speakers. These courses are suitable for both native and fluent English speakers who wish to teach English abroad or to immigrants in English-speaking countries.

Accredited TEFL Course Deals Online

Here’s a list of Accredited TEFL Certficate Courses online:

Certainly! If you’re interested in TEFL courses in South Africa, here are some options to consider:

1. Teaching House CELTA

Cape Town: Located in the lively heart of Sea Point, Cape Town, Teaching House offers world-class facilities close to amazing beaches. Their TEFL certification classes are available year-round.

2. Asian College of Teachers

Highly rated and distinguished, this provider also offers TEFL certification classes in Cape Town.

3. International TEFL and TESOL LTD

Known for accessible and affordable Level 3 and Level 5 TEFL courses.

4. i-to-i TEFL

Another reputable option for TEFL certification in South Africa.

5. TEFL Org

TEFL Org offers online TEFL courses with flexible study options. They have a good reputation and provide internationally recognized certifications.

6. Global TEFL

Global TEFL provides online TEFL courses that allow you to study at your own pace. Their courses cover various aspects of teaching English as a foreign language.

7. Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL offers both online and in-person TEFL courses. They have a range of options, including specialized courses for teaching young learners and business English.

8. The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy provides accredited online TEFL courses. They have a strong focus on practical teaching skills and job placement assistance.

9. TEFL South Africa

This provider offers in-person TEFL courses in Johannesburg and Cape Town. They emphasize practical teaching experience and classroom management skills.

10. Oxbridge TEFL

Oxbridge TEFL offers online TEFL courses with a focus on interactive learning. They also provide job placement support for graduates.

While most accredited TEFL courses come with a fee, there are some free TEFL certification programs available. These can be a good starting point for those on a budget, although they might not offer the same level of recognition as paid courses.

Types of TEFL Courses

TEFL 40 Hour Course

This is typically an introductory course. It provides basic knowledge of TEFL principles and techniques but is often insufficient for most teaching positions. It’s suitable for those seeking an initial overview or for volunteer teaching.

TEFL 60 Hour Course

Offers a more in-depth look than the 40-hour course but still may not meet the requirements for many employers. It’s good for those seeking foundational knowledge with slightly more depth.

TEFL 100 Hour Course

This course begins to cover more substantial material, including lesson planning and classroom management. It’s more recognized than the shorter courses but might still fall short of the 120-hour industry standard.

TEFL 120 Hour Course

The 120-hour TEFL course is the most commonly required minimum for teaching positions abroad. It covers all essential aspects of TEFL, including practical teaching skills, grammar, and lesson planning, making it a comprehensive program for aspiring teachers.

TEFL 150 Hour Course

These courses include the standard 120 hours plus additional specialized training. This might cover teaching young learners, business English, or advanced teaching techniques. It is beneficial for those looking to enhance their qualifications.

TEFL 250 Hour Course

This extensive course is for those seeking advanced training and a competitive edge in the job market. It includes significant practical components and specialization options, providing in-depth preparation for a wide range of teaching scenarios.

TEFL Diploma (300+ Hours)

A diploma-level TEFL course offers the most comprehensive training available. It includes extensive theoretical and practical components, specialized training, and often a research project or thesis. This level of training is ideal for those pursuing long-term careers in TEFL or higher-level positions.

Choosing the right TEFL course depends on your career goals, the requirements of the job market where you wish to teach, and your current level of experience and training.

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